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When it comes to the world of investments, the world can either be ‘your oyster’ or an added complication. Our aim at Odyssey is to help steer you through all this clutter and work with you to put in place a robust investment strategy that meets your needs now and in the future.

Whether you are just starting out or have an accumulated portfolio, we have developed our investment proposition which underpins our investment pedigree. If you are looking for a simple solution, as you are only starting to build up a fund; or are looking at building or preserving an existing portfolio, we are able to adapt and deliver our approach to meet your needs.

What we do

At the heart of every solution we put in place, is a thoroughly researched investment proposition. By taking into account your needs and objectives, we are able to put in place a proposition that can be flexible as your changing needs.

This proposition involves having the ability to use different investment approaches or underlying investment segments and implementing them into a cohesive overall strategy. This puts your investments in the best possible risk weighted position moving forward.

How it works

When we make a recommendation on a client’s portfolio, we utilise a number of completely different investment philosophies. You may or not be familiar with the terms Active vs Passive Management.

‘Active’ management relies on the manager’s expertise to invest and deliver returns. This normally involves an additional cost for this expertise.  The ‘Passive’ approach is where a fund simply ‘follows’ a particular index such as the FTSE 100. This is an inexpensive way to get exposure to a particular market or asset class.


We take it a bit further still and overlay different investment approaches on top of the ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ approaches. These include a:

  • ‘Quantitative Overlay’- by this we mean, we strip out human (fund manager) bias and rely purely on the data to make the asset allocation decisions for this element of the portfolio.  This is achieved through the use of algorithms and a continual monitoring of the data inputs.
  • 'Fund of Funds’ –  this is where we use a number of different funds and managers to cover a specific asset class. The benefits of this include being able to dove tail specific themes within one asset class to maximise the risk / reward within it.   
  • ‘Time’ – the timeline of your investments has a massive impact on the underlying risk of any investment. Some assets which would traditionally be considered ‘lower risk’ may over a short time frame have massive swings. For this reason, we have a ‘Time’ overlay on our solutions to once again ensure we get the correct risk allocation for your money.
  • ‘Regular Reviews’ – With all the above going on, it is important to continually monitor the portfolios to ensure the ongoing suitability of the investments. For this reason, we have regular reviews which are conducted on a quarterly basis. We keep you informed of what changes we are making and the reasoning behind each of them. As part of the ongoing service we also recommend a regular review to incorporate and adjust to any major changes to your circumstances.

We at Odyssey don’t belief there is an outright 100% best approach, as some methodologies will work better than others depending on the market conditions. Our goal is to align your portfolio to your risk and get the best returns for you.

The benefit of our Investment proposition is that it can be implemented across different size portfolios.

For a smaller portfolio, we may recommend a solution which incorporates one element of our approach. As an example, this may be a portfolio mainly made up of the Passive element. This ensures costs are minimised by making use of cheaper index funds. Although only using one component of a bigger approach, this provides a solution underpinned by the same research that we apply to clients with larger portfolios.

For larger portfolios, we take our proposition a bit further. Within these portfolios, we apply a blended solution for clients, whereby we combine the different investment approaches under an overarching investment strategy. This way, we reduce the risk of rigidly following a single investment philosophy.

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Always remember that investing has an element of risk. Investment returns (and the income from them) can fall as well as rise and you are not guaranteed to make a profit. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.


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