NEST introduces discretionary payment option for death benefits

NEST, the ‘Not for Profit’ Work place pension provider, is at last introducing a new option to give its members greater choice about their death benefits which will allow for the inheritance tax freedoms that most other pensions receive. Nest members can now either nominate a beneficiary or opt... Read more

NHS doctors and pensions: update

The Department of Health and Social Care will shortly open a new public consultation proposing full flexibility over the amount senior doctors put into their pension pots. This replaces the previous 50:50 proposal put forward last month (which was heavily criticised). Starting from April 2020,... Read more

Lifetime Mortgages and Retirement Interest Only Mortgages

There are quite a number of people, arriving at or near retirement, with a mortgage still in place on their home.  The challenge then is how to continue to afford the mortgage payments, when living on retirement income. Others may have cleared their mortgage, but have low income coming... Read more

Top NHS doctors to be given more flexible pensions

The government has launched proposals to make pensions more flexible for senior clinicians delivering frontline care. The government will consult on proposals to offer senior clinicians a new pensions option which would allow them to build their NHS pension more gradually over their career by... Read more

Child Benefit - Possible Loss of NI credits

An issue has recently been highlighted in relation to National Insurance credits where the working parent of a couple registers to receive Child Benefit rather than their non-working partner. Normally, a parent or carer of a child under 12 automatically gets Class 3 National Insurance (NI)... Read more

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