Independent Financial Advice

Money can be such a headache and can cause you to worry over such questions as, ‘Will I have enough money?’

We’ve seen the consequences of financial decisions on people like you and their families which is why we wanted to bring a fresh approach to financial advisory and wealth management services.

Our aim is to protect your money, plan for the future, reduce your personal stress and help you make positive, life-affirming choices by using the latest technology combined with the best possible solutions.

We have a simple ethos – put our client’s needs first

We achieve this with our ‘out with the old, in with the new’ way of thinking. This is based on four key values:

Independence – Independence is at the heart of our business: it enables us to provide our clients with expert advice by which, to make informed decisions about their financial future. From the network we partner with, to the providers we recommend, there is no ulterior motive. We offer a simple, clear and direct approach from us to you.

Ethical – Being ethical is about more than demonstrating absolute integrity in our dealings with clients. We act on what we feel is the right thing to do for you, not us, and we focus on making sure we get the small things right.

Pricing – We ensure that our pricing is upfront and honest so that you know exactly what you will be paying. Through the use of the latest technology and having the right systems in place, we can achieve a balance where the clients can realise their full financial potential and we can continue to grow as a successful business.

Risk and stability - At Odyssey Wealth Management we consider the entire market and all suitable investments that are available to our clients, plus we also have strict criteria to ensure a robust advice process is in place to protect our clients. In line with our value of integrity stakeholders and commissions do not influence the advice we give you, which means we don’t offer glamorous deals and exotic investments.


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